Strategies for water and renewables


SUDS, floods and froth

5th December 2014, 09:21

Hard to take the Government's determination to address flood risk seriously. Leaving aside the questions of whether the £2.3bn package announced in the autumn statement is anything like enough, or what's being done for maintenance of exisiting schemes, is it consistent with the backtracking on Sustainable Urban Drainage?

Aquastrat & WHC launch international benchmark study

19th September 2014, 09:53

After working together on a number of utility projects, Aquastrat has recently formed a strategic partnership with the international consulting firm WHC Strategy to conduct a benchmarking exercise in the water and waste water sector.

The exercise will cover two specific areas that we believe will be key in the UK and international water sectors in the coming years: social tariffs and renewable energy, and identify best practices, current trends and lessons learned in both.

Radio 4 on drugs in the water supply

17th September 2014, 12:05

Timely programme on BBC Radio 4 last week about drugs entering the ecosystem via STW's.   The issues of endocrine disruptors, hormonal actives and bisexual fish have been known for about twenty years of course, and to an extent this problem is being alleviated by better tertiary treatment.  Apparently the next generation of problems is coming from drugs associated with neurological  illnesses - and that these are in some cases extending the life of some fish species (though what the implications of that are for local ec